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Member Services / Constabulary Welfare Fund

Hampshire Constabulary Welfare Fund

Hampshire Constabulary Welfare Fund is a registered charity providing serving and retired Hampshire Constabulary employees with financial assistance during times of extreme financial hardship.

The Hampshire Constabulary Welfare Fund charity was established in 1985 and may provide assistance where all other avenues have been explored and refused.

Funds are raised from subscriptions from serving employees and can be used to provide:

  •     Welfare gifts to subscribing, serving members of staff, in hospital for more than
        48 hours or off sick for more than two weeks.
  •     Loans or grants to serving and retired members of staff suffering extreme
        financial difficulties.
  •     Assisting with the purchase of equipment for disabled members, dependants or
        retired staff.
  •     Financial assistance to Widows and Widowers of Constabulary employees.    

Here are some of the examples of assistance the Hampshire Constabulary Welfare Fund has provided:  


  •     Assistance to pay for car repairs to enable a member of staff to get to work, as they
        were unable to borrow money from the bank, family or alternative means.
  •     Assistance to pay for essential house repairs, as the member of staff was unable
        to borrow money from any other source and their home was deemed unsafe without
        the repairs.
  •     Assistance with utility bills for a month, as member of staff was signed absent from work
        and was reduced to half pay and could not afford bills or obtain any finance.  



  •     Assistance to pay for travel to hospital appointments and pay for parking, as a member
        of staff was finding it difficult to meet the costs.
  •     Assistance to pay for food and essential daily living expenses to a member of staff signed
        off long term sick and on nil pay, until benefits were awarded.
  •     Assistance to pay for a specialist piece of equipment, to assist in maintaining the
        independence of a member of staff who was diagnosed with a physical disability, where
        social services and the NHS were unable to assist with the funding.  


Assistance for pensioners and widow/widowers  

  •     Assistance to pay for a stair lift for a retired officer, who was finding it increasingly
        difficult to negotiate the stairs at home, thus maintaining their independence.
  •     Assistance to pay for a motorised wheelchair to assist a widow of a retired officer in
        maintaining her independence.      
  •     To make an application to the Hampshire Constabulary Welfare Fund

When to apply

You can apply for a grant/ loan at any time. The Trustees meet four times a year, but you do not need to time your application to coincide with these meetings. Procedures exist to give approvals between meeting dates, where necessary.

What happens to your application

An acknowledgement letter will be sent within one week of receiving your application.  If the application has been sent by email, then a confirmation email will be sent to the address from which the application was made within one week.

We will assess all acceptable applications and we may contact you for further information. If the application is for an emergency you may request a faster timescale and we will do our best to assist.

How to Apply
Please complete the application form to apply for assistance from the welfare fund (pdf).

To help us process your application quickly, make sure that you answer all the questions. Please type  or write clearly in capital letters using a blue or black ballpoint pen. The information you give is required to help us to decide if a grant/ loan can be given. 

If a grant/ loan is required for medical grounds or specialist equipment, please provide as much detail as possible including medical reports, occupational therapy reports and any other supporting information.

Please note that at least two quotes are required for grants above £2000 and one for grants below £2000.

Please provide details of any other agencies or charities which have been approached.

Once you have completed your application form please post it to the address provided on the form.

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