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Bank Holiday Guidance

Over the last couple of weeks I have received a number of E mails from officers who are confused about the election of Bank Holidays.

The questions have mainly been about:-

  • Do they still get paid?

  • Why are officers having their RD reallocated if they elect their Bank Holiday to a different date when they have a Bank Holiday that falls on a Restday?

I want to keep things really simple, however if any officer wishes to see more detail they can click on the files below which give more information. The files are some additional Questions and Answers, the Original Bank Holiday Determination issued by the Home Office, the Guidance issued by the National Federation and a couple of simple Visual Examples.

To answer the questions above:-

  • Officers (PC's and Sgt's) will always be compensated at double time either for time off or payment if they are required to work a duty which is shown on Carms as a Bank Holiday. It's important to understand that this only applies to the day which is unelected and left as the Bank Holiday or is elected as a Bank Holiday to another day.

  • In respect of a Respect of Bank Holidays that fall on Rest days. As soon as the Bank Holiday is elected to a different day, the original Restday loses it's protection. As with any Restday this can be reallocated by the Force. The Force have indicated that they will reallocate this day to another date. The Federation are opposed to this because officers may be confused or elect a day for their Bank Holiday only to find they are then working without compensation when they believed they would be off, however under the current regulations this does comply with the law.

    To save any doubt here we strongly recommend that officers in this situation do not elect to change the date of their Bank Holiday if it coincides with a RD, unless they understand that there may be an unintended consequence of working the day they believed was a Restday for no compensation. Of course for officers who know of this potential consequence it is a matter for them to decide for themselves whether they elect to change the Bank Holiday or not, the important thing is that officers make an informed decision on this.

As an example:-

  • If you are shown as a rest day on a bank holiday and you do not move it, i.e. you are shown as Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun rest days over Good Friday and that is what you do, then you will still get a day in the book as regulations state that a rest day cannot fall on a bank holiday.

  • If you choose to reallocate a bank holiday that falls on your rest day, you WILL be expected to work. So taking the above example, if you chose to use the Good Friday bank holiday elsewhere, you would be Rest Day Thursday, work at the jobs discretion Friday AS A NORMAL DAY, Rest Day Saturday and Rest Day Sunday. There would be no compensation for working on the original bank holiday. Your Rest day would be reallocated or placed in the book.

Kind Regards,

Paul Robertson
General Secretary
Hampshire Police Federation

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