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Voting for the new Hampshire Federation Chairman is now open

Voting for the new Hampshire Federation Chairman is now open. All serving officers up to and including the rank of chief inspectors are eligible to vote and all will have been sent voting information to their PNN email accounts. We have been made aware that some emails have gone straight to their trash or junk boxes so please check for your email in order to vote!

Our two candidates are Chris Powling and Alex Charge, read why you should vote for them below.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Candidate Chris Powling

I have been a Constable my whole career working 24/7 shift patterns both on Response followed by Traffic/RPU to present day. My current role does give me the opportunity to see many officers in many locations to get a feeling of what the issues are locally. It's tough being a Police Officer at the moment and there is little chance of it changing in the near future.

I became a Federation Rep in 2010 initially as a workplace Rep specializing in Misconduct and Performance before becoming Chair of the Constables Board in 2013 and then Vice Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation in 2015. I am one of the few Post Incident Reps within Force providing 24hr cover when required to give you the member the top level service should you be involved in a serious incident whilst on duty. I was also fortunate to have received the Federation Media Training which I have no doubt will be of use if elected.

John Apter has been a fantastic Chairman for the past 8 years, and I have learned a lot! For the past 3 years I have been his Vice Chairman, a privilege which I have found thoroughly fulfilling and challenging. I have gained enormous experience working side by side with John as well as covering for him at all levels within the Force in his absence.

If elected, by you the members, I will be your continuing voice and tackle management when required and hold those responsible to account for poor decisions. I want to be at the forefront of negotiating and influencing decisions to make your workplace a better place to be. This is not something that can be achieved overnight but given the opportunity the scope is there to improve things in many ways.

I am fully committed to working for what is right, and making sure officers receive fair treatment whatever their rank with the Constabulary.

We are in a period of extremely challenging times, with numerous ongoing pressures that we are having to face on a day to day basis. Shift Patterns/Resilience/Leave are all an ongoing issue that need constant attention. Rest assured I am not afraid to poke the force with a stick when there is a need, especially when your health and wellbeing is affected. I will look at continuing the relationship created with the Chief Officer group and hope that the constructive dialogue continues in the future.

I hope this has been of benefit, and you see that like John, I am a Constable, I have the background experience to carry the position of Hampshire Federation Chair forward and that it will be in safe hands. I want to make a difference, please give me your support so I can do this for you.


Hampshire Police Federation Chair Candidate Alex Charge

I am an Inspector who joined Hampshire Constabulary in November 1998, I have nearly 20 years' service, and due to pension changes I have a further 15 to go!

I became a Federation Representative to ensure others were treated fairly and received the support they deserved.

I have been a Federation Representative for about 5 years, as both a Sergeant and Inspector. I am trained in Discipline, Equality, Health and Safety. I am currently the Federation Lead for Health and Safety and have a number of professional qualifications in this area. I regularly represent colleagues in Discipline matters at both Misconduct and Gross Misconduct levels as well as dealing with Health and Safety Issues.

I am passionate about honestly and fairness, these are some of the reasons I became a police officer, but I also wanted to drive cars fast and do all the exciting stuff you see on TV.

I am currently a Response Inspector in Portsmouth, I have also worked as a Response Temporary Inspector in Southampton for 14 months.

I have a varied career mainly in operational Policing, I have worked on shift, area beats, neighbourhoods, TPT, custody twice, the first version of Prisoner Interview and Intel team as an ERO, and licensing. I was also on the old Divisional Support Unit then the Force Support Unit and also as a MAST officer and Search trained officer. I have also been through the promotion process in the last 2 years so feel the pain of everyone who has taken part.

I have experienced most operational roles either as a Constable, Sergeant or Inspector so I understand the pressures and demands of most roles within the Force, this is something I bring to the Role of Federation Chair.

I work together with my teams and I am supportive I think the best evidence of this would be speaking to them so please feel free to ask anyone who has worked with me, for the last few years B shift across R+P. Until fairly recently I was the ginger one with the huge beard.

I am an experienced manager, and I am open and honest with all the people I work with, I explain why we can or can't do things and like to lead from the front, by going out with the team, my strengths are surrounding myself with good people and helping them get the job done, this includes working with JOU and Investigations, it's a team game so get the best team. I am practical and can often translate what management want into English and make it mean something to people, these are key skills I can bring to the Chair's job.

I want to focus on holding the chief accountable specifically around resourcing and demand and exactly what "looking after our people means", I am also keen to look at our regional allowance and how fair it is and if we can increase it.

Please support me with your vote for Federation Chair.

Voting closes on Thursday 30th August just before midnight with announcements made from Friday 31st

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