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John Apter responds to today's critical HMIC report into Hampshire Constabulary

John said; "Today's findings from HMIC show that the cuts to policing have had devastating consequences.

"Hampshire Constabulary has had to adapt to £85m cuts in its budget, this has caused many areas of the Force to struggle to cope
," said John.

"We have reduced by almost 1,000 police officers, lost many 100s of staff and restructured to cope with the increasing demand.

"For some time we have been warning that cuts to policing have consequences. Some labelled these warnings as scaremongering, many were dismissive and had their heads firmly stuck in the sand as to the reality of the impact of cuts to policing.

"The tone of the HMIC report puts the blame of a poorer service with the police, this is unfair and unjust.

"HMIC must speak out on the impact that budget cuts have had to policing. Those inspecting the prison service and the NHS have spoken out on the impact of cuts, it's now time that the HMIC took the same stance rather than throw criticism at Forces who are struggling to cope.

"The Government must now react to this crisis in policing which is as a direct result of their action.

"With reducing budgets and increasing demand police officers do the best they can for the public. The reality is that without adequate funding this is not enough. The public and those working within policing deserve more, they are being failed by a Government who treat policing with contempt.

You can see the full Hampshire report here

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