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Direct Entry Inspectors: "Yet another kick in the teeth"

Direct Entry Inspectors: "Yet another kick in the teeth", says Hampshire Police Federation Chairman

Direct Entry at the police inspector rank is to be introduced, the College of Policing has announced.

Under the new programme, forces will be recruiting "exceptional external candidates to join the service at inspector level," said the College.

Candidates will be able to apply in February with the process scheduled to start November.

This is something that has not been done in policing in almost 100 years.

It has been reported that 16 forces are going for the scheme - although they are yet to be named.

The College makes no mentions of its plans for the 3,833+ police sergeants who have already passed the promotion exams for the inspecting ranks but have yet to be promoted.

John Apter, Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation, said: "At a time when police officers see limited opportunities within the service this decision will be seen as yet another kick in the teeth.

"We have Sergeants who have worked hard towards promotion and would make great Inspectors, they will now see those opportunities even harder to achieve.

"We are yet to know if the Direct Entry Superintendent scheme has been a success. Has the investment in both time and money been worth it?

"Before we embark on another scheme we need to be reassured the concept of Direct Entry actually works."

He added: "Morale in policing among officers is in a bad place. In a recent survey of all officers across England and Wales officers from across Hampshire and the IOW had the 5th lowest morale out of 43 Forces.

"A lack of promotion opportunities is part of the reason for such low morale, this announcement won't help that situation."

The College of Policing said: "The programme will give police forces access to a wide mix of external expertise once recruits have passed a rigorous selection process and undergone a year-long intensive development programme.

"The decision to bring in the new programme follows the successful introduction of Direct Entry at superintendent level and a recommendation in the Leadership Review which called for greater career flexibility in policing through better routes of entry, exit and re-entry."

Successful candidates will be trained using a mix of classroom and on-the-job learning, including operational rotations at both constable and sergeant rank. The candidates will work alongside experienced officers and have dedicated mentors to help them achieve the necessary level.

More here www.college.police.uk/News/College-news/Pages/direct_entry_insp.aspx

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