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John Apter talks about the Assault Police project on the Good Morning Britain sofa!

The work being undertaken by Hampshire Constabulary and Hampshire Police Federation on police assaults has been highlighted in the national media. Our Chairman, John Apter was invited to speak on ITV's Good Morning Britain about why he wants to see the work he and his Chief Constable have been leading on rolled out across the country.

John explained how chief officers have begun to take note of the work Hampshire Police Federation and Hampshire Constabulary has been doing to highlight the problem of assaults on police officers and the lack of proper data recording.

He said: "The project that I have been working with my chief constable on is to look at the data on assaults to make sure that is ethical and correct across the country because at the moment it is not.

"It is about the training and equipment officers have to protect themselves and also the support they get. It is really frustrating, I was finding that many officers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight were being assaulted, often quite badly, and we were never being told about it and neither were senior managers."

John went on to say: "Within policing and society there is a culture that getting assaulted is part of the job. I want to change that culture."

He said that in many cases officers who had been hurt on duty were "left to their own devices" and lacking in support.

He added, "Officers were often feeling ignored not only by the police service but the judicial system as well.

"They were seeing themselves as second class victims which is a terrible way to feel. We are trying to build in processes to make sure that our colleagues - who despite the training and the uniform - are human beings.

"Behind that uniform, the effect an assault can have on them can have play heavy on their minds and have an impact on their family.

"It is very important that we take this matter seriously. I am really pleased that chief officers across the country are embracing the work that we are doing. It is not rocket science - you don't have to do a lot to make a big difference."

John Apter and Hampshire Chief Constable, Andy Marsh also met with Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe over the matter of police officer assaults. The Commissioner was very supportive of the work Hampshire has started and is keen to work with John and Mr Marsh to highlight the issues in London.

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