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Winsor Review of Police Pay & Conditions

Dear all

As you will imagine we are being contacted by many Officers concerned over the negative and damaging press coverage in recent days. We need to remember that we can only respond once we know what the recommendations are, its no use getting into a debate on the what might be. I have been speaking with local media setting the record straight and they are being positive and responsible in their responses.

However, if we were uncertain before then it is very clear now that the coalition government have no appreciation for the Office of Constable. In addition, some of the comments coming from national ACPO are a disgrace and further undermines what we have fought long and hard for over many years. We have a healthy relationship with Hampshire ACPO and I have expressed our dismay to the Chief Constable at comments coming from the national body who are there to support us.

We need to understand that Police Regulations are difficult to interpret and if the Winsor review brings clarity then that should be supported. I have little doubt that there will be some recommendations which will not make easy reading, buts lets wait for them and not take as a done deal what the tabloid press or certain members of national ACPO have been saying.

There is a message from the national General Secretary below who explains the negotiating process once the recommendations have been made, hopefully this will assist you.

I have been prevented from sending out global emails recently so can I ask that you ensure this is passed to all your members?

Kind regards

John Apter
Hampshire Police Federation

A message from the General Secretary of the National Police Federation

In October last year the Home Secretary announced that she had asked Tom Winsor to undertake the independent review of police officers' remuneration and conditions of service. The review consists of two parts, the first phase looking at short-term changes to pay and conditions and the second part looking at longer-term reform, including the negotiating machinery.

The first part of the review has now concluded and Mr Winsor's interim report will be published next week and is expected on Tuesday 8th March. The Home Secretary has stated that his recommendations will be 'subject to consideration by the police negotiating bodies'.

The Home Secretary is expected to forward her proposals for changes to the pay and remuneration package resulting from recommendations within the review to the Police Negotiating Board (PNB), with a direction to seek agreement. The conclusion to the negotiations on any of the recommendations is unlikely to be reached before the summer.

The PNB was established by Act of Parliament and is made-up of an Official Side which contains representatives of central government, police authorities and chief police officers, and the Staff Side which is made up of all of the staff associations representing all police officers of every rank in the UK - from Constable up to Chief Constable.

Either Side can submit claims or proposals and agreements in the PNB are reached, not imposed. The Police Federation of England and Wales is an integral member of the Staff Side. We will, therefore, look to fully defend members' terms and conditions through this process - and to keep you fully informed through the course of our negotiations.

A Police Arbitration Tribunal (PAT) provides a safeguard to resolve any disputes where the Sides cannot reach an agreement. All decisions of the PAT are binding on both Sides of the PNB but require ratification by the Home Secretary. Should the Home Secretary choose to impose changes to the pay and conditions of service of police officers which have not been agreed through the negotiating machinery, there should be no doubt that the PFEW will oppose this with every means at our disposal.

Ian Rennie
General Secretary
Police Federation of E&W

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