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A look back at Hampshire Police Federation Open meeting

A review of policing operations in Hampshire in the Summer - and what was acknowledged as a busy period - will take place and lessons will be learned.

That was the message from Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney at the Hampshire Police Federation Open Meeting which took place at the Ageas Bowl on 11 October.

Earlier in the meeting John Apter, Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation, had highlighted "dangerous" staffing levels, a stretched service and officers refused leave.

While promising a review, CC Pinkney did say the force coped last summer - but conceded that it was not easy.

She said Hampshire and the Isle of Wight had such a massive influx of people over the holidays that she could not promise all officers can get the leave they want in the summer.

But she did promise leave will be granted fairly.

The delay in pension statements - due to officers in August but yet to arrive - was also highlighted at the meeting and John Apter said that the Federation has made a formal complaint to the Pensions Regulator about this.

Concerns about delays in new uniform and kit being issued to officers were also highlighted to the Chief Constable, who said he had already heard concerns on this and the matter was being looked at.

The issue of a wider roll out of spit hoods - currently only available in custody - was also raised. "Please can we have them on the front line," said one officer.

CC Pinkney acknowledged that being spat at is "vile". But balanced her comments by saying that she knows the public are distressed by their use.

She agreed to "look at" a potential wider roll out of spit hoods in the force.

CC Pinkney, who spoke of her pride in leading the force, also said that workloads of detectives were being looked at and "we have vacancies that need to be filled."

The potential increase to the South East Allowance was also raised. "We feel it important that it is increased to support our officers," said John Apter.

CC Pinkney said she would have to look at this matter with Chiefs from other forces.

The meeting also heard from John that work is progressing on allowing Special Constables to join the Federation. "It's not an empty promise," he said.

John told the meeting that he is "enormously proud" of the newly opened Police Memorial at Netley and highlighted our Police Bravery Awards nominee PC Vikki Sharpe.

John said that Taser is an effective piece of kit liked by police officers - and not liked by the bad people. He added that every police officer in the force who wants to be issued with a Taser should have one

He also said 230 police officers and their families have used our welfare cottages "there for officers in difficult times".

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