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Members Area / Flint House

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If you have recently suffered from an injury; either physical or stress related or been in hospital, a stay at Flint House for some intensive physiotherapy or rest and relaxation may be beneficial to your recovery.

You will need to contact the Federation Office on 726 418 or email federation@hampshire.pnn.police.uk for an application form. This needs to be completed by you and your GP or Specialist recommending the treatment required and returned to the Federation Office for confirmation of Welfare Fund membership. Copies of 3 pay slips showing monthly Welfare Fund deductions will also be required covering a 12 month period; one from a year ago, your most recent and any other from within the year.

It is important that you contact the Federation Office for an application form as the form has been updated. Old forms will not be accepted as of October 2014.

Flint House Rehabilitation Centre is in Goring on Thames, Oxfordshire. The duration of a stay at Flint House is 2 weeks. Under extreme circumstances family members can also attend with prior approval of the Administrator.

As a general rule, unless a new recruit or recent transferee, you will need to have contributed to the Welfare Fund for 12 months before you can benefit from this excellent facility.

Officers who opt to leave the police service and join SOCA will no longer be eligible for admission to the Centre. Officers who are seconded to SOCA will be eligible providing they continue to contribute to the Welfare Fund.

Retired officers will continue to be eligible to attend the Centre providing they paid into the Welfare Fund during their police service. However, the length of stay will be reduced to 1 week.

If you are on sick leave any stay at Flint House will continue to count as sick leave. However, if you have returned to work in ANY capacity for one week prior to your visit then this is not counted as sick leave.

For further information about the rehabilitation centre see the hyperlink below:-


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