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Members Area / Diversity

The Police Federation, as a staff association, is fully committed to promoting equality and diversity for all.

We would actively encourage all Federation members to report incidents of harassment and bullying, including allegations that relate to sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, race ,disability, age or any other protected characteristic.

Below you will find various documents that may help you.

Local Federation representatives are always on hand to offer advice and support to officers and will help them through any process. Please also remember that there are bespoke support services available from other groups within the organisation as well .

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Equality and Diversity is about treating everyone, both inside and outside the Service, with dignity and respect.

It is about welcoming diversity and recognising that each person has to balance personal and professional needs and that sometimes they will need special arrangements in order to fulfil all their commitments.

"Special arrangements" does not mean that one person should be treated either better or worse than any other - it means recruiting, selecting, resourcing, deploying and treating others with the dignity and respect that we would be expect for ourselves.

The Police Service represents thousands of individuals drawn together, each bringing with them different skills, experience and attitudes.

It is the way that these differences are drawn together that sets the standards and culture of the Service.

Police officers need to be open minded and supportive of the different needs of different people and different cultures. We police a society that is diverse. It follows therefore that the Service requires officers with a broad base of skills and experience to deliver the policing service.

Police officers should reflect and represent the society from which they are drawn. They need, want and deserve to be treated fairly, appropriately and without discrimination at work.

The Police Federation has been and will continue to be involved in the development of procedures that challenge unacceptable behaviour and seek to support diversity in the workplace


The Police Federation of England and Wales is fully committed to the elimination of unfair discrimination on the grounds of gender, family status, age, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, disabled status, or any other unjustified condition, and the promotion of equality and diversity for all, in its own practices and arrangements and throughout the Police Service in England and Wales.

The Police Federation recognises its responsibilities under all domestic and European equality legislation to provide equality of opportunity to all people in its capacity as a staff association, as a service provider to its members and as an employer.

In order to achieve this, the Police Federation seeks to:

  • negotiate and operate practices which promote equal opportunities in employment, training and service delivery;
  • promote the development of a workplace environment for all members and staff to develop their full potential, free of harassment and discrimination;
  • ensure that all contractors and visitors are treated fairly, free of harassment and discrimination;
  • provide appropriate advice and support for members in pursuit of equality and diversity issues;
  • raise awareness of equality and diversity issues and promote best practice throughout the Police Federation and Police Service of England and Wales;
  • monitor Police Federation practices and arrangements in order to develop an inclusive Equality and Diversity Strategy with action plans.

Responsibility for the Equality and Diversity Policy rests with the Chairman and General Secretary, on behalf of the Police Federation of England and Wales

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