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PC Martin Jacobs - Condolences

A number of people have contacted the Federation to pass on their thoughts and condolences in repect of Martin. We have set up this page to record these.

Please put your message below and we will add these to this page.

NOTE: We will only publish your comments, not your email address.

Martin. You were there for me (and so many others) during the darkest and most difficult of times. You were caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and professional. Your sense of humour kept me level and if it wasn't for you, i might not even be here. RIP mate and my sincerest condolences to your family.

Nick E

Spent many hours sharing stories and laughs as well as work experience and advice with him. He was generous in his time and compassion and great company . He will be missed but celebrated to. Thoughts with all family and friends. Rest up big fella.

Spainy x

Martin you were a true legend. You always had time for a chat . You brought humour and joy as well as well meant Mickey taking. I will remember the first time I met you . Our Area Car course back in the 1990s ....... a time I will always cherish. We had many laughs in those five weeks. ! You have left a massive hole that can never be filled. Wherever you are my friend those around you will no doubt love you like those you leave behind. I will be forever proud to have known you and honoured to call a friend.

R.I.P. mate.

Ex WYP Federation rep. I only met Martin and Amber once when they visited Skye looking for a place to buy when they retired. He stayed a few days with us and it was a pleasure to meet such a great man in all senses of the word. My thoughts and prayers are with Amber. The Police family will take care of you Amber.

Kath and Heather

Martin you were a true legend. You always had time for a chat . You brought humour and joy as well as well meant Mickey taking. I will remember the first time I met you . Our Area Car course back in the 1990s ....... a time I will always cherish. We had many laughs in those five weeks. ! You have left a massive hole that can never be filled. Wherever you are my friend those around you will no doubt love you like those you leave behind. I will be forever proud to have known you and honoured to call a friend.

R.I.P. mate. Andy Luchesa

So sorry to hear of this tragic loss. You were a pleasure to bump into around the nick, always smiling and able to pass on a cracking joke with your amazing dry sense of humour. Thanks for being a kind bloke, you gave me your old area car coat which were like gold dust at the time, despite it being replaced several times I still have it hung up in my locker. Rest in peace mate, you will always be held in high regard by all you served with.


Another hero lost. Sleep well.


I had the honor and pleasure of working with Martin at Alton. A really great sincere man who is sadly missed. My thoughts are with his family and friends

PC 1347 Martin Jacobs. He was so much more than a copper. He was a man with a great sense of humour. He was really enjoying life and had found his true love. He had close mates and distant. He would always have time to stop and talk and reminisce. He was a giant of a man and the type you'd always feel safe with. I will always remember how he'd have time to play the prankster, but always knew when to turn his professional head on and do the job. For me he was the ideal policeman. Equal measures of respect, caring and authority, mixed with practicality. This is such a sad time and we're all shocked. Martin, you won the game. You got the girl, you were happy and you were loved by many. Now rest in peace mate and we'll do you proud when the time comes. Thank you for being a friend.

Lots of love X

Rest in peace Martin. You were a wonderful man taken far too soon. My thoughts and prayers for your soulmate Amber, your family and friends.

Becky Morgan xx

Sad loss of such a lovely funny man.

RIP Martin

Rest In Peace Martin, God loved you more. Thank you for all your support during my SC days.

Anne Herbert

Why do all the good ones go early, you made working at Alton bearable with your humour and profesionalism. You will be missed by everybody that met you and worked with you, taken far too early, the Police have lost a true gent and really great bloke,

Stu Moore

Very sad to hear of Martin's passing so suddenly and so young. I have known Martin over many years and through several roles and latterly as Federation Rep. At all times I found Martin to be open, honest, friendly, professional and great support for all. One of Hampshire Police's true gents, I will miss his laughter and smiles. My best wishes are with Amber. Farewell my friend and colleague Martin.

Pat Reddin

Martin was a coppers copper. An Alton legend. It was a pleasure working with you mate. God bless.

Nick W

RIP my friend. You will be missed.

Hopesy x

Martin was a great police officer and friend to all of us. His legend will live on in OL and around the force. My deepest sympathies to you all for your loss.

Brother You'll be missed - we were chatting such a short time before it all happened. Charlie, and I have great great memories of what you and Amber did for us all the way back in 2012. Here's to the memories and have fun up there mate - we've got the line and your duty is done. Keep fighting that good fight

Team R

Rest in peace Martin, you were taken far too early. I Can't believe that you're gone - life can be so cruel. A big friendly giant, a real life Dr Doolittle, thank-you for being such an amazing person, you were one of the good guys

Martin gave me some good advice on more than one occasion and made a mountain seem like a mole hill. One of those occasions was recently and even after sending his reply via phone email, he felt the need to send another to apologise for his spelling which made me smile. I'm still shocked and saddened by the sudden and untimely passing of a thoroughly decent and great guy. He will be sorely missed by his police family. My thoughts are with Amber and all of Martins family.

Sincere condolences to Amber and to both Martin and Amber's families. Martin truly was a gentle giant. Always there to help anyone, always having that cheeky glint in his eye. An colleague you could count on. A friend you could rely on. I will carry the memories of our friendship with me forever. Heartbroken that you have been taken way too early. Sleep tight buddy. God bless.

Brian Dixon

Both Helen and I were devastated to hear that Martin had passed. He had such an impact on my policing career being an awful influence on me but a good friend. He was always there when you needed him, sometimes even when you didn't know you did. A big man with an even bigger personality who will be sorely missed! Thank you for the time we worked together and for you and Amber being amazing at our wedding helping to make the day fantastic!

Ollie Vale PC 3947 Notts Police - Formerly PC 25043 Hampshire Constabulary

I had the privelege of knowing this lovely gentle giant first when he arrived at OP as a probationer when I was Special , then I became a Traffic Warden at OL and OP he was area car driver then liked Martin very much great guy and great dry sense of humour. He and Amber are great photographers and I have a wonderful CD they did for me of me and my chocolate labrador Cookie which I had done for my late husband teo of those photo's are framed and hanging in my lounge always think of that day thevpatience that Martin had. RIP great guy.xxx

Dear Amber and family, my heart goes out to you, this was so unexpected, my thoughts are with you. Martin will be missed by us all. I worked with him at Alton and he supported me with Fed issues, he was a big man with a big heart. Lots of love to you all. The thin blue line has become a thread. Xxxx

Martin, one who always made me laugh. It was great to watch you join the Feds as well a rep and then grow and develop withing the role like, eventually becoming the Discipline Lead and earning a tremendous reputation for looking after you're colleagues. It was a privilege to serve with you.

Tony B

Martin, you were the light in the lives of so many in their darkest of times, an honest and fair copper who cpuld always put of those darkest moments produce a hunour and friendship which helped so many see thr light at the end of their tunnel and survive the journey. Many have already said they moght not still have been on this earth if it hadn't been for your intervention and how true those words are. You are already sorely missed, such was the impact you had on so many. I am so so very sad that you never got the chamce to head off into the sunset with Amber to Skye to enjoy your retirement together. Thats what seems so unfair. I pray you are in heaven now watching over your beloved Amber (and probably wondering why everyone is making such a fuss!). You are a great man in the lives of so many, you are missed by so many, you leave a huge void that can never be filled and your legacy will live on by the work you did here on this earth to ensure fairness for all. Rest peacefully mate, gone but never ever forgotten.

Sheena and Mark

Martin the big man! I am devasted to know that you are no longer with us. Your life with Amber and your long held dreams of a life in Scotland have been robbed from you. I am overwhelmed by the kind words and love that have been written about you; you should be so proud that you have touched the lives of so many as a friend, colleague and support to those in need. Toegether with Amber you have brought joy with your wondefful photographs of weddings, always touched with a sense of your humour. The last time I saw you was when we shared the day of Ellie & Tom's wedding. I arrived at the church to be spotted by you shouting "legs" as I tried to get out of the car with some grace but your camera was there!!! Always the naughty boy! I will miss you ! To Amber and your family, I am so so very sorry at your loss and I hope that the words, thoughts, memories and love that has been written will bring you some comfort at this difficult time and into the future. Take care all of you .

Lots of love, Jo (Carter) Sedgley xxxxxxxxx

I will miss you. X

What a loss, my prayers and my condolences to your family and Amber.

Kevin Futers

I have for several years helped Martin out with his overtime on CARM, he was always keen to ensure that he recorded it correctly, But being a self confessed technophobe, at least for the CARM system, we used to touch base often. I have worked for the Force for over 43 years and Martin was one of the nicest people I have ever had dealings with. Never short of an anecdote, it was always a pleasure to sit and natter. Along with many others I am sure, I was completely stunned at this news, So please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss.


Martin, you were a true gent. Thank you for all you did for me and countless others in similar situations

I knew Martin from my custody work and when I used to teach the custody course which he helped me with. A really great bloke and Fed Rep who will be sadly missed. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Andy Maynard

You were always so helpful and no issue was too challenging - you addressed it calmly and gave real y sound advice. Thank you for being you. It was a real pleasure knowing you. So sad you were taken so early

from all the MDP lads that knew you, worked with and you backed up on many occasions God Bless You Big Man R I P

Martin. I will always remember you for the many stories you told, and the chillies you grew in your Federation "hot house" office. You were a larger than life guy and will be sadly missed by everyone who knew you. RIP xx

I can't believe you're gone, such a big character who was always there when you were needed. Somebody who just got on with the job, passionate about what you did and a credit to the Federation. Will miss your advice, friendship and private chats when we put the world to rights! The office will never be the same, you are and will be missed by so many. Rest in Peace Martin.


Mate colleague confidant advisor counsellor. You were all of them in spadefuls. RIP chum

Martin, As I sit here with a heavy heart I'm not sure where to begin as like many, this has come as an absolute shock. Part of me is still expecting you to walk through the office door with a smirk on your face, waiting to share one of your many stories (some of which made me blush with your crude ways ha ha). Who am I going to blame now for eating all of the biscuits?! Who is going to flick rubber bands and throw the IPCC stress ball at me now? Still not sure we ever got to the bottom of who sent you the stress ball, but with your sense of humour you found it funny! I will miss your laugh and definitely your toilet humour, perhaps not the smells though! It's very comforting to read other messages expressing what a truly genuine, compassionate, honest and funny bloke you were.

You would go out of your way to help anyone and that is very much appreciated by not just me, but many others. It brings a smile to my face reading other people's stories of you and thinking 'yep, that's Jacobs!' I will miss translating your 'jargon' emails, we all know admin wasn't one of your best areas but you had so many other quality attributes that made up for that!

The office is not and will not be the same without you. I know you would not want me/us to be upset so we will continue to share stories, support each other and cherish the memories. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you. You will be sorely missed and never forgotten. I'm so sorry you were taken too soon and not able to fulfil your wedding and retirement wishes, this is truly gutting. Amber has a huge amount of support and is being well looked after, you would be very proud of her. There is so much more I could say but until we meet again mate, shine bright above those Scottish mountains

xx Lizzie xx

So terribly sad. My sincere condolences go out to his family and close friends. Martin was one of the good guys, always with something positive to say about people. Like many I will miss Martin as a close colleague. Professionally, Martin's knowledge, experience and approachable manner will be impossible to replace.

Martin, you were a top Fed rep, and a top bloke. Always enjoyed listening to your stories and working with you. You are sorely missed.


Martin assisted me with my first heath and Safety inspection. We met at a number of Federation events and meetings. He was always friendly and approachable and had time to pass advice. He was very knowledgeable in his field and could be relied upon for sound and wise words. We have lost a great colleague. RIP.

Martin It was a shock to hear about your passing. I always enjoyed working with you and the banter and dreams of retirement we shared. Thanks for all the advice and support. You will be missed, but not forgotten.


I cannot believe this has happened! Martin has come to my aid off duty and on duty dealing with an unwell member of my team. He will be very much missed.

Martin "Grizzly" Jacobs, a great copper, friend, crewmate, and genuinely decent man. You will be sorely missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing you. I was inspired to become a Federation rep after seeing the support you gave to so many colleagues. Everyone's thoughts are with Amber. Rest easy big fella.

Dave R

Martin, a great friend and colleague, Your professionalism and knowledge were such a great help, your your humour brightened many a dull day. You will be greatly missed.

Kevin Baxman

Martin, I've described you as a gentle giant: big in stature and character yet humble, always putting others first and leading by example. You've done so much to help and support others and are missed because of it. Your legacy is strong, keenly felt and will be long lasting. Thank you for who you are and what you did to keep people safe, both within and outside Hampshire Constabulary.

A shocking loss to all that knew Martin. A true gentle giant, gentleman and excellent officer. You will always be missed.


It was an honour to work with Martin on and off over the past 10 years in his role as Federation rep. What struck me was that he always genuinely cared about the officers he represented, it was more than just a job for him. I will remember his professionalism, his zest for life and his ties !! We have lost one of the good guys and my thoughts are with his family and friends at this time coping with what can only be described as a devastating loss.

Regards Sara Donovan DS 961

I have no words that really describe how sad I feel at this time. My thoughts are with Amber and all the family. I want to say the biggest thank you for all Martin has done to support me in these last couple of years. I do not know what I would have done without his support. Martin, you will be missed by me so much, Thank you and sorry for my messages and being a pain to you, you have been amazing.


Martin, I will always remember you for your love of hillwalking and Mountains. The conversations that we have had over a beer about the best routes will stay with me. You were a popular guy who could always lighten the mood of any situation, and it was this quality that made you such a likeable person and a great rep for Fed.

RIP big man. Ian

Martin, we had some great chats!!!! Tthanks for the support and time you gave to me and so many others. I won't be able to have a 'burrito' without thinking of you. RIP big man and my thoughts are with your family and loved ones.

Matt Paling

Martin, you have been taken too soon. You didn't give up on me throughout the hardest years of my life and I will never forget it. I'm still in this job because of you. My thoughts are with your family.

RIP Big Man x

I had the pleasure of getting to know Martin recently through our CAPLO roles. I always looked forward to meeting up with him and I will miss his company. RIP my friend,

Oz Merrygold (Cambs Federation)

Martin Jacobs was first and foremost a great bloke. His sense of humour was outstanding and his ability to tell a yarn was legendary. Martin was a successful Police Officer and he took that success and knowledge into his role with the Police Federation. Martin, as a misconduct rep was highly skilled and he took pride in the role and stood by the advice he gave as it was always in the best interests of the member Martin was representing. I know it is still very raw for Amber and Martin's friends and family but in time when they reminisce about the 'big man' they will roar with laughter and remember the larger than life character that has been taken from them far too early, and the fondness and high regard Martin was held in by all who had the good fortune to share his company. My sincere condolences to Amber and Martin's family.

Jim Mallen Chairman Bedfordshire Police Federation

Only had the opportunity to meet Martin a couple of times but a top bloke! Yesterday's turnout showed how much he was respected and how he will be missed.


I never had the chance to meet you Martin, but you were one of us and will be missed by all those you helped

What a loss and a shock. Always first with a laugh and a joke and also a sage advisor and supporter of many. Legacy is often talked about but Martins Legacy is the love support and fun that he infected everyone with. He will be missed but never forgotten. Thoughts with every family member and friend. Bless x

What can you say when you are still in shock. A young officer still in his prime taken in such an unexpected way when he had so much to look forward to. I am still in shock and remember fondly those little jogs before Bournemouth conference. So helpful and always there when you needed advice. Amber he spoke of you with much more than love and fondness he shone when he talked about you. My heart goes out to you and your family at this sad sad time in your life. Martin will be missed by all his friends and family within the police.

R.I.P Maggie

Martin, thank you for your support when I was a Fed Rep with you. You have been a remarkable character throughout your life, and will be sorely missed by all. Best of wishes to your lovely friends and family


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