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About Us / Structure

Neil Nancarrow


So I am PC 3145 Neil NANCARROW, most of you will know me as "Marrow". I have been a Police Officer for 18 years, Working most my time in Southampton, On R&P and Neighbourhoods, SB and now Resolution Centre, I like to help people, and give suitable advice, it's what we all do day in day out. Now it's time for me, also to look after our own as your Fed Rep.

I bring a whole host of enthusiasm, willingness to listen and be there for you when on occasions you may need a fed rep. For whatever reason you have any queries or questions there will be a solution or guidance there to support you and if that is for help with ill health, financial assistance, disciplinary matters, I will be there for you, and work for you as your Rep to get you a right and just result. I have never had a problem in being outspoken, not afraid to voice opinion to anyone. If something is not right then something has to be done about it and I would like to be your Voice. Thank you for voting for me.

I am contactable currently through email

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