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Conference 2018 | Policing will become unsustainable without a large injection of cash, the Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation has said.

John Apter was speaking after hearing Home Secretary Sajid Javid say he would prioritise police funding in the Government's next spending review.

Mr Javid made the comments at the Police Federation of England and Wales' Annual Conference in Birmingham.

John said: "It's clear with the Home Secretary's family connections to policing that he understands the pressures faced by rank and file. That came across very clearly.

"Along with others in the room, I got a sense that he actually respected what we did.

"This is the first time I believe a Home Secretary has shown any sort of respect towards what we do, so that's a good foundation to build on."

John, who said he had warmed to Mr Javid, described him as 'engaging' and 'understanding' to policing issues.

However, he added: "The problems we're facing in policing have been gradual since 2010. We are in a place now where we are broken as a police service, our colleagues are on their knees and policing is most certainly in crisis.

"This is not only Hampshire Constabulary, this is across England and Wales.

"Rather than warm words, it's important that the Home Secretary does something tangible and meaningful. This is all about money, because without a large injection of cash, policing will become unsustainable. In some areas it already is.

"So, my message to the Home Secretary is this, you clearly understand the pressures that we're under. You've clearly experienced it, you gave a very emotional and in-depth look into your family and how they have had to deal with the pressures with being part of a policing family.'

"But to have the respect of the rank and file you need to give more than pleasantries. You need to open the chequebook, you need to inject cash so that we can make policing sustainable. Anything less will mean that you are as bad as every previous Home Secretary before you.

"I'm not a na´ve person. I know money is tight, but in Hampshire Constabulary we have lost 1,000 police officers, they are struggling to cope with the basic demands that policing is throwing at them. That just can't be right.

"The Home Secretary must throw a financial lifeline, and he must do it immediately. I hope Mr Javid is strong enough not to have his strings pulled by the Prime Minster. I hope he does his own thing.

"I would urge him to do what he believes is right for policing, and if he looks his brother in the eyes he will know what is right is more money."


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