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Conference 2016 | Chairman calls Home Secretary's speech "outdated"

Hampshire Police Federation Chairman John Apter reacts to speech by Home Secretary Theresa May to today's Police Federation conference.

John said: "It's not the sort of speech I will remember next week, I don't think much came from it which we either need to be concerned for or delighted about.

"The Home Secretary mentioned the police assault work which I've been leading on, which obviously I'm very passionate about. But I think overall there was nothing that really came out of it that got me either concerned or excited."

What did you think of her reaction to the question on sentencing around officer assaults?

"I think that's really important it's raised. I know that there's a review on sentencing being run and we're going to be feeding into that process."

On officer pay - Why do you think your members should get 2.8%?

"I think it's evidence based, it's been well thought through, it's not just a figure plucked out of the air. And I'm not surprised that the Home Secretary didn't give a view on that because I wouldn't have expected her to. Do I think they'll be dismissive of the evidence that's been presented?

"Well time will tell. I think most officers don't think we're going to get a two-point-eight percent, but I absolutely think it's right and proper that the Police Federation of England and Wales, the body that represents them, presents a strong evidence based argument as to why they should."


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