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Conference 2015 | Terrorism: Officers to get new personal safety training

POLICE officers across the UK are to be given new training on their personal security in the light of the terrorist threat - which currently stands at severe.

The Police Federation of England and Wales has already issued personal advice for officers, but a new campaign will be launched in the next few weeks which is being coordinated by the National Police Chiefs' Council Counter Terror Command.

Terrorist group Isil have made it clear that they see police officers as a legitimate threat.

Every officer in the UK will attend a refresher briefing on "the different elements of personal security", according to the Met's Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, national lead on counter terror.

The move was announced at the Police Federation of England and Wales' annual conference in Bournemouth on Wednesday.

The staff awareness campaign will cover security at work, personal security and looking at the safety of police buildings.

Mr Rowley said the training will look at "all do in our day jobs anyway, but sometimes we can stop paying attention. It is about being extra thorough in work routines".

Police officers will be warned to pay particular attention to their personal security off work, to not travel on public transport in uniform and to be careful not to give away their professions online and in their social lives.

Mr Rowley added: "It is just reinforcing awareness. Some officers take the advice very seriously and some don't. We are not advocating a lifestyle change; it is just basic good practice on personal security. If you're a big person in your local community off duty because you run the guides or a football club, if you make it obvious that you are a police officer, then people who want to research police officers on internet will find it easier to find you.

"We are not telling people to take a low profile, it is just good practical security advice about how not to make yourself a target."


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