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Hampshire Police Federation react as Police Negotiating Board registers a failure to agree on police pay

The Police Negotiating Board should be a transparent process where well thought out proposals be considered. At yesterdays (27 July 2011) PNB meeting the staff side were forced to register a failure to agree. This was despite the staff side (representing all UK police officers from Constable to Chief Constable) putting forward an alternative proposal of reforms which could have exceeded the £387 million savings desired.

Speaking of the current situation, John Apter, the Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation said,

“Our negotiators entered the Police Negotiating Board with a genuine appetite for a sensible, well considered solution. It was clear that there would never be full agreement as some of the Winsor recommendations would seriously inhibit, and in many cases damage officers’ work/life balance. The proposals submitted by the staff side accepted the need for financial prudence, which is why our proposals could have saved up to £422 million”.

”The official side have chosen to ignore this proposal which suggests that the savings were not the priority, but an underhanded and devious attempt at changing officers terms and conditions were. This further suggests that the official side entered the negotiations never intending to reach a compromise. This is not negotiation, it’s a disgrace”.

“The matters will no go to the independent Police Arbitration Tribunal. On behalf of Police officers across Hampshire and the IOW I urge the Home Secretary, Theresa May, to keep the promise she made to the police officers of England and Wales to fight our corner and the government honour the negotiating process and the decision of the independent Tribunal”.


For further information, or to arrange an interview, contact;

John Apter – Chairman - Hampshire Police Federation 01962 871588/ 07792719572 or email john.apter@hampshire.pnn.police.uk

Notes to Editors

The Police Federation of England and Wales, represents 140,000 Police Officers up to and including the rank of Chief Inspector. Established by statute, we are responsible not only for the welfare of our members but also ensure that their views on all aspects of policing, including relevant legislation, are relayed to government, opinion formers and key stakeholders.

The PNB was formed by statute in 1980 for the purpose of negotiating police pay and conditions. It is an independently chaired board with its own secretariat. There are two sides to negotiations. The Official Side, representing the employers, made up of representatives from government, police authorities and chief officers. The Staff Side, representing all police officers up to and including chief officers from England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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